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In 2020 & 2021 we secured over £35 million in funding across a wide range of projects.

We have an


We can provide support at any and all stages of your Fundraising journey.

Whether that is designing a bespoke fundraising strategy, or writing your next grant application. From crowdfunding campaigns to letters to Trusts, we have you covered.

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Set up a call with Phoebe, our Fundraising Manager to discuss your ideas


You’ll be paired with one of our Consultants, who will work with you throughout the process. 


We work collaboratively - applications, research and strategies are all peer-reviewed and developed with support from the whole team


We do all the final checks to ensure your applications are the best they can be, before submitting to your funder. 

Creative solutions for creative people

strategic development

We’ll pair you up with one of our consultants who will offer guidance, support and recommendations for developing your project/idea to get it ready for applying for funding. We also offer support for getting your project off the ground once funding is in place.

Application review

Work with one of our brilliant consultants, who will offer a full review of your draft application to help you develop it before submitting it.


We work with you to develop and write your funding applications,  working across all industries, including culture, heritage, innovation and environment. 

fundraising strategy

A long-term, bespoke service for your organisation. Encompassing all of our services with a future-focused outlook to develop resilience and sustainability.

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