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Global leaders in arts, nightlife and culture.

We are a full-service night time economy consultancy, offering a range of services for night time economy businesses, local authorities, police forces and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs).

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We offer training programmes tailored to the needs of venues, police, and events staff working in the night time economy.

All of these programmes are delivered by our highly-experienced team and informed by first-hand experience of the sector.

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Policing the ENTE

This highly interactive course will guide Police Officers to effectively police the evening and night time economy. This includes training officers to use their Policing toolkit to work in partnership with stakeholders, the voluntary sector, individuals, and venues to create safer public spaces for everyone during the evening and night time.

There is a focus on real-life situations to ensure the practical application of learning and all concepts covered in the course are specific to policing, as well as to the post-lockdown environment. Relevant legislation will be explored in relation to its practical application.

No two situations are the same, so the course includes reflection on scenarios and your own experiences, to help you apply your learning to other situations you will find when policing the night time economy.

Available online or in-person

Approximate duration: 1 full day

Certificates provided upon completion

Prices from £1500 + VAT

Presenters have a wealth of first-hand experience

Training Manager

I loved how they made everything related to our role. This should be a must for all new police officers.


Good refresher for those of us who haven’t been out in a while


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