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Westminster Women's Safety Audits

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The Project

We are working with Westminster Council to deliver a Night Safety Audit service that has been designed to provide valuable insights into the West End area and help to improve safety, accessibility, and vibrancy in the nighttime economy. Our team will provide specific, sustainable solutions designed to reduce or resolve enduring and emerging issues in the area. 

Overnight Audit

The objective is to collect data on the kinds of safety concerns facing women and girls in public and private transport and public places, as well as the factors that pose a threat to and may lead to increased VAWG.


We will provide women and girls who live, work, or visit the city an opportunity to voice their safety concerns or incidents that they may or have faced. As such, this Audit will provide clear guidance on safety concerns of women and girls using public spaces and equip the Westminster borough will the tools to focus their efforts where they are needed most.

The Review

From the research conducted, we will present the borough of Westminster with a Women and Girls' Safety in the Night Time Economy Report and Strategy. We will perform extensive research surrounding the evening nighttime economies within the borough.

This research includes:

  • Consumer and employee surveys and focus groups

  • Stakeholder interviews and workshops

  • 2 evenings of street interviews with women and girls in Westminster. 

  • 2 overnight audits to review the area at night from a policy, operational, user and place management perspective. 


We will present the research findings of this review in a report alongside expert recommendations on how the evening nighttime economy should develop moving forward. This will help inform future ENTE and women and girls' safety strategies for Westminster.

How to participate

The consumer and business surveys for the Westminster Night Safety audits research closed on 25th June 2023.

What happens to my contribution?

Your views will be collected, anonymised and used to make recommendations to the borough of Westminster. Your feedback will be collated by Night Time Economy Solutions Ltd in line with our privacy notice. Please note that any personal data that could identify you will be removed or changed before files are shared with other researchers or the results are publicised.

The project manager from Night Time Economy Solutions is Charlie Mackellar.

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