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Northamptonshire Safer Streets Fund

We are delighted to be starting a new partnership with the Office of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to deliver Night Time Economy Review, audit and Strategy Solutions in five different stages.


The first of these stages will see us deliver our Policing the Night Time Economy and Women Safety Training remotely to police officers across the region.

During the second stage, we will deliver a range of remote and face-to-face sessions for the Business Improvement District and develop best practice policies for venues to ensure that they are operating the same high standards when dealing with vulnerability. These will also be shared with the policing teams so that they too know what standards venues should be operating to. Alongside the development of policies, we will also support the BID in working with venues to identify opportunities to diversify their offering to ensure that they are providing a balanced offer that attracts a diverse audience that is not focused solely on alcohol and late-night trading.

Stakeholder engagement and research is the third stage of this project and will include:

  • A consumer e-survey

  • A variety of consumer and wider community focus groups

  • Stakeholder phone call interviews

  • Three Stakeholder workshop

Following the completion of stage three, two overnight audits will be conducted in Northampton and Kettering to assess the safety of women at night and make recommendations for improvement.

Finally, during stage five we will produce a professionally presented report based on all of our findings. Within this report, key actions for all partners will be generated which will include a Women’s Safety Charter and implementation strategy for stakeholders and businesses

The project manager from Night Time Economy Solutions is Alicia Souter.

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